Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Superhero's Lament

So there,
I did it,
for you all.

You’re safe now,
the danger has passed,
everything is cool,
no more cowering beneath
that overturned car please, sir.

Seriously, the space thingys,
are gone, back up to…space,
the explosions are over,
there’s nothing to fear,
not really anyway.

Yes. Yes. I know you’re
grateful, No, No ma’am,
please put those away,
that’s just not decent,
really, it’s okay.

I’ve used my powers to
save you all, just another
day of doing my duty to
protect the Earth from
all the, stuff.

It’s just what I do,
I know no one asked,
it just had to be done,
or you’d wind up on
your ass.

Well, I’m sorry you feel
that way sir. It’s just how
it is. I save you. You thank me.
I say it was nothing, just my duty,
then I fly home.

But you know what?
I’m tired of it. I think I want
some groveling and begging,
and a statue, right over there,
where that lady flashed me her boobs.

Yeah, where’d she go?
Get her back out here.
She can be in the statute too.
There you are dear.
Why so shy now?

Forget it.
I’m just going to go.
To my secret base.
I’ll watch a little TV and
maybe go to bed.

You guys want to hang out
instead? No. Okay, Yeah,
I get it. Lots of loved ones
to find after nearly half the city
was destroyed in that amazing battle…

…that I won.
For you.

That’s cool.


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