Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Melodies of Murder Mountain

The bodies are piled,
higher and higher as
a dark chorus bloodies
themselves around
the heaped mass of
failing humanity.

The piles grow faster
than the beat the
funeral dirges can drum,
and echo against the red walls
of corpse laden sepulchers and
marble mausoleums.

A lamenting funeral song,
crying out in hollow, raspy voices,
“Oh Where did we go wrong”.
to silent responses and deaf
ears.  Each lyric more sorrowful
than the next. And the next.

Rings of choruses around an
ever growing hill, weeping,
sobbing, tears turning into
a torrential sea, swallowing them,
trying to drown them,
while the drums beat on.   

All Hallowed ground,
All consecrated with blood and
flesh, and misery. Slippery with
death, sorrow, morbidity, and
slick promises of and end.

The songs go on, forever,
gargled with blood, tears,
around this monument of
death. A mountain of loss,
prime for avalanche.  

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