Monday, October 19, 2015

A Clean Break

A clean break,
a fresh start,
a new beginning,
leaving it all

It might be hard,
to let it go, since
there’s such simple
but it has to be

Or you’ll never grow.
And never really let go.
Or let them go,
and let them grow.

A fresh start means something
was stale,
A new beginning means
something old ended,
with emotional flotsam & jetsam
churning in the wake.

You can only watch it sink,
you can’t dive in and save it
or collect it or only pick the
parts you want, it’s gone,
sinking to the bottom, out
of reach. All of it.

If you want it clean,
then you have to sterilize
it all. No going back to
pick the scab, or scrutinizing
where the cord was cut.
You made the choice.
You made the rule.
It’s your code.

You have to live with it.
You can’t have both,
the choice and the
people.  You made the
choice, now stick with it
and give up the people.

A clean break is
only clean if the broken
bone does not damage the
surrounding tissue or
tear through the skin.

My skin was torn,
my tissue was damaged,
I did what you asked,
I abide your choice,
I don’t know why you can’t.

Make it clean,
or take considered and
thoughtful  care to
mend it.
This is your life, dude. 

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