Friday, October 2, 2015

Apathy, oh apathy.

Some days I’m embarrassed,
to say that I’m part of this
culture, this species, this

Other days I’m impressed
with our accomplishments
and my chest swells with
awed pride.

Most days I’m shocked by
the apathy.  The momentary
horror forgotten in the blink of
a celebrity break-up or kitten picture.

Too quickly we forget our terrors,
in the hopes that if we ignore them,
they’ll just go away like that bully that
never really went away. We went away.

We never solved it, we just moved on.
We just went somewhere new,
got a new bully, got away from them,
but had to enter adulthood never beating it.

The 239 year adolescence of America needs
to end. Time to enter our adulthood. Time to
face our fears and force them to answer for
how they’ve bullied us.

If we can remember for that long, that is,
the national ADD crisis is a pandemic,
horrors at breakfast are forgotten by

It makes me want to wretch. It makes me feel
shame. It makes me want to forget too.
I’ve done what I can, for now, I’ve expressed
my sorrow, my anger to those that might listen.

And I expect nothing to come of it,
but more shame and sorrow, pain and
anger, bitter divisiveness and overflowing

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