Thursday, November 5, 2015

I had to. If you read yesterday's post, I had no choice

                The sun rose behind Stoneguild Mountain and cast long early morning shadows over the lush fields below. Magnus, leader of the powerful Pony Cats, felt the morning light rise on his furry body. He stretched out his long paws and rolled over onto his opposite side. He yawned and licked at his nose. He thought to himself, “I hate Mondays”, and arched his long back up toward the blue summer sky.

                The rest of the Pony Cats were milling about the fields, some were heading toward the Desert of Feces, and others were poking at some fish along the river’s edge, without actually getting into the water. Magnus wiped at his whiskers and looked over his pony cat troops. They were all a good bunch of pony cats.

                There was Stumperious, the attack Pony Cat, ferocious in battle, articulated armor crafted by the wizards of Callowillow. He was Magnus’ most trusted Pony Cat general. Magnus and Stumperious were pony kittens together after the great ape purge of 2784. They had feasted together for many cycles on the birds and beasts of Cheshire Kingdom. 

                Yellowdimperolon flashed by Magnus’ view as he chased after some small ground varmint. Yellowdimperolon was the lightening to Stumperious’ thunder. Yellowdimperolon was fast and sleek. He was so stealthy that even Magnus was surprised at his mysterious appearances, and always in the nick of time too. Magnus couldn’t count on one paw how many times Yellowdimperolon had arrived at the last unexpected second to save the day.

                The ground shook as Redmane the Blood Thirster leapt up and down at the Canary trees. He was a bit of a slow Pony Cat but he was vicious in his adoration of Magnus. Magnus had rescued Redmane the Blood Thirster from a terrible trap when he was just a Pony Kitty. Redmane the Blood Thirster became the most loyal body-guard Magnus could have hoped for, and he was a giant too.

                Minxelle brushed up against Magnus as he surveyed the Pony Cats starting their day. He’d hoped for some adventure, like dragons or other beasts, or perhaps a nap and sitting in the sun, or eating and then napping and then sitting in the sun.

                “You’re looking well my lord,” said Minxelle as she licked along Magnus’ nape.
                “Yes. I am. As are you my Queen,” said Magnus.
                Minxelle purred lightly and pushed up against Magnus, turning her large head over his shoulder.

                “I have news Sire,” said Minxelle.

                She always had news, she was the feline in the know and Magnus would be lost without her. She was cunning and sly. She was indispensable and yet Magnus had a slight mistrust of her. She was supple and seductive in her diamond saddle and tiara.

                “The Horse Lords will be migrating today. We might have a very good chance to pick them off as they drive through Briargulch,” purred Minxelle.
                “Ah, the annual Horse Lord days are upon us. Perhaps today is a good day to get drunk on their sweet catnip blood sacks,” said Magnus.

                Minxelle lay down next to Magnus as he rose to his full eight foot height. He mewed loudly and gathered the Pony Cats together in a loose semi-circle.

                “The Horse Lord Days are upon us again my dear friends. We will go to Briargulch and take as many as we can. We will then scout the lands on the Northern perimeter, even though we did that yesterday and the day before that. We will also take at least one Horse Lord and leave it at the base of Wizard Smoke’s lair. We all know how much that wizard appreciates the dead things we bring him,” said Magnus.

                The Pony Cats all sort of nodded in agreement. Stumperious was staring off toward the ridge-line. There was something up there but maybe it would just come down on its own, or maybe it wouldn’t, but maybe it was tasty.  Stumperious would ignore it for now.  There were Horse Lords to obtain and that would make for a glorious day before a nap and curling up on the sunlit prairie.

                Magnus turned toward the West.

                “PONY CATS, AWAY,” he commanded in his deep velvety voice.  He darted forward as the loyal troops fell in line behind him, unless they were distracted by that shiny thing near the river’s edge.

                Off they went into new and bold adventures.

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