Friday, November 20, 2015

Mortar & Pestle

The great and terrible
grinding, mashing and
powdering of bones in
vessels of terror.
Pulped, pureed, smashed,
squashed and destroyed
in the swirling turns of
the angry hands of time.

A planet, beleaguered in
the mutilation of souls,
in the cosmic beaker of
an untamed universe.

The chewing, the biting,
the masticating of the
essence of what makes us
who we are.

Ground, grind, ground,
repeat, mash, smash, mash,
Specks of pieces of pieces.

Shattered, broken, torn,
stricken, sick with disjointed
aspirations and misjudged

An ivory vessel, a bone
pestle, churning the sandy
remnants of childhood dreams
into reconstructed and medicated

To Take.
To Take It.

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