Friday, November 6, 2015

Punk Rock Lamentation

Punk Rock kid,
where did you go?
You didn’t give a crap,
now that’s all you know.
Where did that punk go?

now you’re a corporate librarian.
All about Anti-conformity,
now you drink the corporate tea.
It’s delicious.

You lived in waffle makers,
now you’re a deal breaker,
You made your own clothes,
now your sheets are dry clean cotton rose.
So comfy.

Never had a phone or HD,
now all you do is watch TV.
No second thoughts on chai latte,
but now it’s something you must say.
Extra Chai please.

I don’t even know that that is,
but you say it’s something that’s the shizz,
New lingo from the kids,
from your mouth God forbids.

Go get your Doc’s, throw that beer,
we’ve got to get you out of here.
It’s a state of emergency, we need
you out with some urgency.
I’ve got smokes!

Where’s my punk rock friend,
the one that was with me till the end,
walk the rails or drive off a cliff,
it never made a diff.
Where’s that punk rock kid?

Wipe off the mirror, get ready for
work, too much steam in the shower,
fogged the memory, clouded the mind,
Catch the train, time for work, off I go.
Leave that punk behind.

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