Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Curse Words

In the world of curses,
there are numerous words to hex
the  dumbest, the meanest,
and the most rotten among us.
Praying for poxes, for ulcers,
for sores, for insurmountable
losses unparalleled in the annuls
of historical tomes upon the accursed.

A curse for the damned,
a curse to damn,
a curse for the unloved,
a curse for the loved.

Curses for fires, floods, strong winds,
blizzards, mudslides, tornadoes,
famine, hail, avalanches,
earthquakes, on the wretched curs.

A cracking open of the
universe to swallow the
soul of the person who crossed
us, who wronged us, for hates sake.

A curse rightly deserved, rightly
earned, even justifiably right, may not,
in the end, be a curse on them at all,
but a curse on ourselves.

The weight of the hex can slump
our shoulders, while the cursed
never knows why their fortunes
are so poor.

A sufferer is only as aware of their
suffering and not the pains of others.

A curse of self-awareness might be
the best curse of all. The Curse of
Empathy. The Curse of Mile Walking.
The Curse of Understanding.

A Pox on their minds, rather than
their bodies, might be the most
righteous burden and the most
likely to produce compassion.

An evil-eye opener rather than a
wrecker of worlds.
A curse, reformed into a blessing,
might be the best curse of all.

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