Friday, January 8, 2016

Good Coffee Day

This is not an advertisement
for coffee. I am not endorsing any
particular drink. I am not
advocating consumption or
debating the merits of its
production or marketing.

It’s just good this morning.
It’s just a good cup of coffee
that I made. Sweetened and
stirred to perfection. It’s not
oversweet or too bitter.
It’s a good cup of coffee.

The kind of cup of coffee that
makes you want to stand on some
wood cabin deck that overlooks a
giant lake, maybe hear a loon, just
as the sun cracks the morning sky.
A blanket shawled over your shoulders.

The kind of coffee that feels like that
special person in your life will love you
just a little more for making it. They’ll
kiss you with a little more passion, and
squeeze you a little tighter before they
head out the door to face their day.

Just a good cup of coffee to take you
away from the daily terrors of crime and
murder, rape and genocide, if only for a
little while. A little while to marvel at
this spinning mud ball and think,
“Thanks Third World Slave labor.”

“Sluuuuurrrpppp. Ah.”

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