Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow Mob

Snow Mob,
came to get me in the night,
I owed too much to get out,
so I got pulled back in.

Wise Guy Snowmen,
bustin' up the joint,
sticks for arms, leaving
puddles all over the hardwood.

Mafiosnow, taking control
of the neighborhood,
blanketing the streets with
crystalline blood.

Winter's man, the Old
Jack, vying for a piece
of the Snowmerican dream
through old winter tactics.

Huddling for cold,
spreading it all around,
no care, no kindness, no
pithy rejoinders.

Snow, man. Snow. Always
out to get you, underfoot,
sneaky and slippery,
extorting joy.

They'll wreck your car,
get you sick,
break your ankle,
or hold you hostage.

Snow Mob doesn't care,
frozen hearted lot,
They'll get you,
they got me.


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