Monday, January 4, 2016

The Next One

The drinks have been had,
the corks popped, the kisses
passed (some better than others),
the well wishes and kindnesses

Back pats, hands held, glasses
cheered, toasts made, some
people probably even had sex,
or just did their best not too
feel so alone.

The laughs had, the stories
told, the hearts broke,
the messes cleaned, the messes
made anew. The tears wiped,
hugs given and received.

Glitter swept, noise makers
tossed, decorations down,
stowed in boxes for another year or
hauled to the trash next to the dead
tree we kept inside our houses.

We've started it over, in all
earnest belief, that this year
will be better, maybe the best,
than we've ever had before.
Our optimism bubbling over.

There's no shame in hoping,
no reason to be afraid as the
thing starts, it'll go as it will,
as it wants, and we'll go with it
to judge the results and value its worth.

Compare it to others,
wash it off,
clear the corners,
straighten the frame,
just in time for next year and all over

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