Wednesday, March 30, 2016

All Hail those that Hail

“Preparation is fundamental to accomplishment,” said the candidate. The crowd cheered and whistled, clapped and shouted their approval, “Our nation must be prepared for the challenges ahead and in that preparation we will be accomplished!”

The crowd cheered with more enthusiasm, more hooting and hollering, whistles and noisemakers. They were whipped up into a frenzy of nationalistic pride.

“We must have a bold vision of the future, not an idolized view of the past. We must remember that we came from the hardest of backgrounds which only serves us in the coming future. A future of grand accomplishments and bold vision,” shouted the silver haired candidate.

                A few “Amen’s,” and “You said it brother’s,” came from the crowd, igniting a flurry of applause from the frothing crowds.

                “The failures of the past cannot be the failures of the future and we must strive to stop those failures before they fail us again,” said the candidate as he pounded his fist on the podium.

                “This country will not fall into the traps of the narrow-minded views of the elite few, but into the views of the minds of the many that our founders had intended it to run in. A country moving in the direction of progress and wealth through a strong vision of the future,” shouted the candidate.

                A pregnant woman gave birth in the aisle as she shouted and screamed her approval and devotion to her candidate. A supporter dropped his rally sign and snatched up the baby from the convention center floor. The baby was still screaming and covered in afterbirth. The supporter raised the baby up toward the candidate. The candidate flashed his usually thumbs up pose and toothy grin.

                “A new child for the neo-future,” said the candidate as he then pointed at the child. The crowd was wild with passion and shouting in voices to shake the foundations of the convention hall.  The candidate nodded to his secret military forces that swiftly moved into position to snatch the baby and the mother and remove them from the convention hall. Another crew arrived to clean the floors.

                “Isn’t this the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? This is how we can move this country forward into an era of futurism like that’s never been seen before. All it takes is the same sort of devotion to your country and the future won’t know what hit it,” said the candidate, “now let’s get out there and win this for those future generations of children!”

Confetti rained down from the convention hall ceiling and balloons bounced gently off the head of the delegates.  A band started playing the candidate’s official military march music as he raised his hands over his head in a victory salute.

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