Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You're Beautiful in Your Wrath, America

Your anger is
something I don’t
You’re not angry
at what I think you would be.

I don’t know why you’re
filled with rage at hope,
intelligence, and understanding.
Instead of being mad at
ignorance, hate and racism.

Why do you embrace
Or Blind devotions
to dogmatic ideas from the
savage past?

I want and hope for the best for
you seem to want what’s
best for only you.
I don’t get it.

The rage underneath
your misunderstanding,
beneath your supposed
disenfranchisement has
me at a loss.

Why are you so angry?
I’ve been down.
Hurt and isolated.

And I’ve come out a
little wiser and a little
stronger and I don’t
blame anyone
but myself.

I’m flabbergasted.
I’m flummoxed.
I’m flustered,
at how angry you

I wish I could remove
the veil of rage and cynicism
and replace it with the optimism
we are all so very capable of.  

We are not enemies,
we just do not agree
on openness and inclusion
in a modern and evolving

What’s makes you mad
about progress? Civil and
societal progress seems to
be something you’re afraid of,
is that why you’re mad?

The 1950’s are over and
even the ‘50’s weren’t
the ‘50’s.  I’d rather idealize
the future than the past.
It’s where we’re headed regardless.

Why go filled with uninformed
rage and hate?
Why not try to light our way
forward with wisdom and

But sometimes, you do look
pretty when you’re angry.

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