Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Water Daughter

A ten dollar fee,
just to see,
the amazing and
incredible underwater

She swims, she floats
she plays, never gloats,
she dives, she splashes,
she never clashes, all the
while batting her long lashes.

She’ll smile through the glass,
and you’ll consider making a pass,
she’s got great legs and a wonderful…
sense of humor, she’s a fine lass,
with oodles of class.

Just suck down your beer,
at the bar as she swims so near,
just behind the bottles of cheer,
creating a certain atmosphere,
of lust and camaraderie.

Out of the water, in her tiny
pink robe, she sits and smokes
while businessmen make jokes
and lewd faces and invite her to
dark places.

She only performs on Mondays
and Wednesdays for the beer
jockey crowds, a ten dollar fee
at the door, and you can ogle

The amazing and incredible
underwater beauty.

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