Friday, September 16, 2016

The Curious Madness of Dreams

I was angry in the dream.
Pissed off about something,
this, that or the other.  I can’t
really recall why the dream
“me” was so mad.  But I was.

I was wearing a scowl on
my face, brow deeply furrowed,
as I walked through a superstore,
megamall, what have you, parking
lot. It was a gray day, Autumn hovering.

I approached my car and discovered
some store had decided to use my car as
a makeshift display for few colorful
piñata’s. A bull on the roof, a lamb on
the hood, colorful streamers flapping.

I was even more enraged in the dream,
“What son of a bitch would do this,” I yelled.
I grabbed the bull off the roof and dragged it
to a garbage can in front of the dollar store
and jammed the bull down head first.

I didn’t care if it was valuable, or filled with
candy. It didn’t belong there.
I went back to my car to grab the lamb when
I was stopped by a petite brunette, thick
black glasses framing her blue eyes.

“What are you doing,” she asked.
“Did you do this!? Did you put these things
on my car,” I demanded.
“I thought it was someone else’s,” she said.
I cringed at her self-defense.

“Well get them off,” I demanded, still
scowling, frowning and generally looking
She moved at dream speed and my car was
quickly de-piñata-ed.

I opened my car door and was
about to get in when I noticed
a baby seat in my back seat.
“What the heck is this now,” I growled.
She looked in the back seat and cowered.

“I had the wrong car, it’s for my boss, I’ll
get it out,” she said.
Dream me didn’t even know how she’d
gotten into my car without my keys but
dream logic isn’t all that coherent.

I did wonder where the baby was though.
There didn’t seem to be one around anywhere.
I looked in the back seat again to make sure
there weren’t any more surprises,
the rear was clear.

I got in my car and rolled the window
down and this cute little woman stood
near. I began to lecture her on how improper
it was to assume and on and on I went until
I noticed how amazingly cute she was.

I stopped my lecturing, my correcting and
looked at her blue eyes, her lips, her light
make-up over a natural beauty. My anger
started to wane, until it was quiet. She stood
at the door, quivering bottom lip.

“Would you like to go on a date,” I asked her.
She smiled.
“I would like that very much,” she said.
She leaned into my car and kissed me
on the lips.

I wasn’t angry anymore.  I smiled.
I smiled in the dream.
I felt the small kiss like a spark, a shock.
I woke up.
And was smiling in my bed.

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