Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Yelling at Dandelions

Yelling over someone is not
how to have a discussion.
Shouting over everyone
and pounding your fists
is no way to make a point.

The loudest talker is not
the winner. I don’t believe
Gandhi raised his voice very
often and he got
the British to leave India.

Hitler yelled all the time,
rallying against the
“undesirables”   in Europe.
Mussolini yelled all the time,
rallying against his own people.

Tyrants are the loud talkers,
they dismiss calm conversation as
weakness and would rather just
yell over everyone until their crazy opinion
is the only one anyone can hear.

Loud talkers are not always right,
loud talkers don’t often listen well,
loud talkers often think they’re right
no matter how much evidence is
against their position.

I don’t like loud noises much.
I prefer loud laughter over loud
talking. I prefer loud squeals of
unbridled joy over loud talking.

Ignorance is not bliss.
Stupidity is not innocence.
Angry shouting should not be the first
reaction.  The loudest person in the room
doesn’t always know best.

Unless that person is me.  

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