Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Cold Business

There are times when things
are not all that pleasant.
When a hard line must be taken
and emotion left to the side.
When a heartache must be
silenced with reason and logic.

It’s a rotten business sometimes,
but we all know it must be done.
We have to cut the most hurtful
heart-stings and bury hatchets in
old pine footlockers and shove them
under the bed.

The sentimental mind must give way
to the rational, unencumbered with
the weight of an emotional choice and
rely solely on the cold, hard facts.
We can cry about it later, we can mourn
it later, but making the hard choice is a must.

Love can be rational,
it doesn’t have to always be mad, crazy, love.
Sometimes we show our greatest love
by being our most strict selves in the face
of highly charged feelings. We can do it.
We always have in the past.

We should not fear the pain it can
temporarily cause, when the joy in the
long run is the goal. A hard “NO” now might
mean a heart-lifting “YES” later. It’s just
having the patience and fortitude to
know when to make the choice.  

So I think I’ll just have vanilla,
at least for now. 

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