Friday, October 21, 2016

Voices of the Dead

Buddy wanted to Rave On,
Jimi’s Wind Cried Mary,
Stevie Ray’s House was A’Rockin’,
Elvis was In the Ghetto.

Marvin wondered What’s Goin’ On,
Scott needed Vaseline,
Kurt Smelled Like Teen Spirit,
Mama was out On a Winter’s Day.

ODB Got your Money,
Prince is Listening to Doves Cry,
Jim Broke on Through,
David is a Starman

Lemmy is all Aces,
B.B. is wondering Where the Thrill has Gone,
Lesley knows it’s Judy’s Turn to Cry,
Joe has a Little Help from His Friends.

Lou is Walking the Wild Side,
Ravi is wondering about Norwegian Wood,
Donna will always Survive,
Davey is a Daydream Believer.

Whitney Is Every Woman,
Etta finally has her At Last,
Amy’s Tears Dry on Their Own,
Ronnie is a Holy Diver.

These voices are haunting me,
from the radio, getting in my head
and making my body move in
uncontrollable ways.

It’s as if they possess us,
in their ghostly ways,
making us remember,
so they don’t fade away. 

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