Monday, November 21, 2016

Getting my Thanks on

I’m thankful for Art.
I’m thankful for free expression.
I’m thankful for imagination.
I’m thankful for the dreamers.

To see an empty canvass,
an empty page,
a blank music sheet
or pile of rusty metal,

and think…
that could be something,
that will be something,
I will make it something.

I’m thankful for the painters,
the poets, the writers, the
musicians, the sculptors, the
outside visionaries.

I’m thankful for the thinkers.
I’m thankful for those that see
pain, love, lust, suffering, joy, and
loss, and they give it shape.

Cutting away the stone,
mixing the paint,
banging piano keys,
typing the same word over and over.

I’m thankful we have the ability to
get the abstract, and see the shades of all
our churning thoughts and states
into a simple representation of all of us.

I’m thankful we have Art.
I’m thankful we have free expression.
I’m thankful we have imagination.
I’m thankful we have dreams. 

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