Monday, November 7, 2016

Picking Battles and Choosing Fights

It’s great to be a principled
It’s good to know that your
morality is superior.
It’s nice to feel that everything
can be explained.

But not everyone feels that way.
Some people are immovable as
mountains. Uncompromising as
the seas and as disrespectful
as age is to dignity.

To want a reason,
an explanation, insight into
why someone does something terrible
is perfectly normal and it’s good you
want to know.

I have found however, and still find,
that the answer isn’t usually very good.
It’s unsatisfying. It’s empty.   Meaningless,
and baffling to the rational person.
Some folks are just bad.

There are those types, those people,
that’ll knock a man down just because they
can, who’ll attempt to assert control over others
in a vain attempt to have control over their
own emptiness; their own moral vacancy.  

There is no reaching them in a casual conversation,
and no just or moral act will show them their
erroneous ways. Some folks are just pricks,
who actually enjoy being pricks due to the chemistry in
their faulty wired brain.

It is great to try and reach them,
it’s good to try and have them explain,
It’s nice to want an answer for how they can
justify themselves.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots
however, and a jerk is a jerk and no
punishment or application of moral
virtue will ever get through.
They feed on their chaos.

It’s best to starve them of
their chaos instead. To hold them at bay
in their pursuit of anarchy.
Passive resistance against a tide
of inhumanity.

Action moments must be
timed carefully with bullies, braggarts,
cowards and chickens.  Sometimes taking
an action against them, at the wrong time,
leaves them enraged and bitter without
having learned anything.

Kindness in the face of overwhelming adversity
can sometimes go further than a night in jail,
a punch in the face, a kick in the rump or even
a well thought out, coherent, logical, conversation.
Sometimes.  Not always.

Wisdom is knowing when to fight,
and when not to. Figuring out when to
apply it takes patience and courage, even
when the crowds are screaming for bloody

Sometimes all is failure and there is no
road to redemption. Then you write them
off and go on with your life,
knowing some souls are too damaged to
ever redeem. 

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