Monday, November 28, 2016


I’m a novice at this getting
older thing. It’s the first time
I’ve had to do it so I hope
everyone can bear with me.
It’s always new.

I’m an amateur at aging.
I’m nowhere near a
professional at it.
It’s just what I’m doing
every single day.

Year by year a new milestone
is struck. A new age bracket to
explore without ever believing
I’d make it this far.
Never had a blueprint or road-map.

I’ve just had to make it up as I
went along; Highs, lows, loves,
broken hearts, lies, truths, failures,
successes and never really knowing
if it was right, wrong or just what it was.

 Always a new issue, crisis, conflict,
grumbling, grousing, and to go through,
always a new lesson, always an education,
always a time and a place for a new time and

I’m still an apprentice at living,
I’m still a beginner at being.
I don’t know where I’m going,
but I have seen where I’ve been,
and I suppose that’s where credentials come from.

I’m facing a new decade of numbers,
a chance to move up in the
rankings of life to Semi-Pro and
if I’m lucky, loved and liked,
I might turn Pro. 

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