Friday, December 9, 2016


A growling and grumbling
in my gut is telling me
something I think I thought
I already knew.
I’m hungry.

It’s more than simple hunger, starvation
or emaciation. Food in my
1st world life is fairly simple to obtain.
Go to the store. Go to the restaurant.
Microwave a burrito.

The grumbling and growling
is much more than a need for food.
It’s a hunger for something more
sustaining. Something more filling.

I’m hungry for being wanted.
I’m starving for being lusted after.
I’m un-sated for love.
I’m craving an unspoken trust between
minds, hearts and smiles.

The buffet seems to be closed though,
my deli ticket number never gets called,
they’re out of the meat I like,
they’re not serving breakfast after 10:00 am,
they put pineapple in the potato salad.

I’m unaware of how to satisfy this hunger,
I’m not sure where to go to get a good meal,
I don’t have the right cooking utensils,
I won’t go to a Farmers’ Market,
I haven’t the slightest where you got yours.

A grumble and a groan,
from deep inside.

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