Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stuff to Say

So then I was about to say to you,
how much I wanted to say
to you, about that and this
and all those things between.

I was about to tell you how I was
about to tell you, about how I was
telling everyone, about how I was
feeling the things and such in between.

I was going to tell you, that I was going
to tell you how I never wanted there to
be silence between us about those things
and that and this.

I was going to whisper those whispers I
was going to whisper, in your ear, as you
smile patiently and felt the heartbeat in
my words on your skin.

I’ve heard that you’ve heard about those
things and I hope you can say to me all the
things you can to say to me and tell me how you
were going to tell me.

If I say, and you say, and we hear those things,
the this and the that, and it stays between,
and we agree, then we’ve got chance by the hand
and no silence will deafen us.

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