Thursday, March 23, 2017

We're All Wrong

We’re all wrong.
She’s wrong.
He’s wrong.
They’re wrong.
Everybody’s wrong.

She’s wrong for him.
He’s wrong for her.
They’re wrong for each other.
We’re wrong for it.
It’s all wrong for me.

The country is wrong.
The politicians are wrong.
The pundits are wrong.
The scientists are wrong.
The deniers are wrong.

The country music is wrong.
The Rap is wrong.
The punk music is wrong.
The reggae fusion hip-hop is wrong.
The gospel music is wrong.

Negativity is wrong.
Positivity is wrong.
Growth is wrong.
Stagnation is wrong.
The middle is wrong.

So what is right?
Knowing when it is wrong,
and learning to make it right.
There’s nothing wrong
with that.

This poem is wrong.
But I’m trying to make

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