Friday, June 30, 2017

The Work of Liberty Never Stops

The Fireworks that
explode o’er head
are the eulogies of
those brave forbearers
who struggled and fought
for liberty and control
over their own destinies.

Liberty’s flames, fed by
martyrs and patriots,
bursting in the sky
to the crescendo of
“Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s”,
and the twinkle in the
eyes of a child, born free.

This celebration of our
nation, is our moment,
to reflect on the men and
women who gave their all
for an idea. An untested idea
for the time. An unheard of
theory of self government.

The booming thunder, shaking
the pillars of heaven are the voices
of the people, determined to carve
out a life for themselves in freedom,
with liberty and justice, for themselves and
more importantly, their

It is our duty…, nay, our debt to
them that we must pay, with our
vigilance, courage and sheer nerve.
We must keep the sacrifices they made
in our hearts and our heads, and use this
time of remembrance to continue to make
America worthy of the blood spilled.  We The People. 

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