Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tips for Writing Poetry

The important thing when starting
a poem is to have a strong
premise and then build upon it.
If you don’t have a strong premise then
your poem is all about nothing… like this one.

This poem is about nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
It’s not even a poem really,
It’s just stream of consciousness
dribbling out on this blank page.

Still, though, it’d be nice if it
were about something.
Something important, like, religion
or politics, sex and love, or drugs and
kittens, or  what shoes make me look thinner.

A poem about nothing.
nothing at all,
why are you still reading?
Don’t you have something better to do?
Shouldn’t you make better use of your time?

This is seriously about nothing.
I mean, zero substance here.
There’s no heart wrenching finale, some
catharsis or hallelujah chorus of angels.
It’s just words on a page lining up.

I could write about toe nail clippers,
or teeth whitening, maybe about
paperclips or what I had for lunch,
and it’d still be about nothing.
Nothing at all.  

I didn’t have a strong premise,
so it’s all about nothing.
maybe it’ll come to me later,
to write. 

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