Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Human Hole

In all of us,
all the breathers,
the breeders,
the liars,
the lovers,
the open,
the closed,
the right,
the wrong,

there is
a hole.

A hole we fill,
with lovers,
with liars,
the right,
the wrong,
the open,
the closed,
the breeding,
the breathing.

A hole,

augured with drills
of neglect or
shame or pain,
validation or

in us all.

From bad dads,
bad moms,
good dads,
good moms,
from no one,
from everyone,
from teachers,
from companions,
from creeps,
from bullies,
from the distant,
from the closest.

A hole,
made deeper,

through time,
through erosion,
through thought,
through musings,
through ignorance,
through annoyance,
through rage,
through marginalization,
through exclusion,
through inclusion,
through booze,
through drugs,
through smokes,
through hate,
through passions.

The human hole,
stretching the depths
of our widening, ever
shorter life. Swallowing
us, burying us, returning
us to where we came.

A Human Hole.

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