Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Nervous Truth

The realm of Anxiety is
filled with nameless terrors,
horrors, and general confusion
over the proper way to respond
to various levels of stimuli.

Sometimes silence is the answer,
sometimes anger is the response,
sometimes it’s the appearance of
uncompassionate shrugging,
sometimes tears well up.

It’s curious how so many
unknown heartaches drive us to
these states; scolded too harshly,
judged too dismissively, ignored,
pushed too hard, not pushed…

It’s a damn mystery in the realm
as much as it is out.  I don’t always
know why this will bother me or why
that won’t.  I just know it does at times
and it makes it hard to be.

It is not about pity or a desire to be
coddled or sheltered. It’s not about
laziness, cowardice, fear or bravery,
it’s not always known why a spiral will
start, there’s only knowing that it has.

The world doesn’t help, with the constant
agitations of politics, communities in peril,
crime, aggression, love, hate, inhumanity;
it can be a terrible burden for no reason other
than being there; even though it’s not in our control.

It’s a headache in the guts,
that stifles, stills and stops any movement.
We persist because we must. We weather it.
We push through. We make it, and it is harder
than you know, so bear with me; it’s a tough realm. 

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