Tuesday, June 2, 2015

15 Minutes of Cool

It happens every once in a while
where I’m very cool for a
short period of time.

I mean like, Steve McQueen style
For exceptionally brief moments.

I glide through the room, a slight
knowing smile on my face,
a casual grace electrifies my body
and I just look good.

I say the right thing,
I joke just right,
I smile and wink and nod
like I’m part of the whole big

My hair is perfect,
My smile is clean,
My outfight is tight,
My words are sharp.

I’m cool for a very short
period of time, but then,
I ruin it.

I guffaw, I snort, I chuckle at my
own joke.
I awkwardly tuck in my shirt in front
of everybody,
I clean my glasses.
I fart.
I burp mid-sentence.

I shuffle on my feet,
I say the worst possible thing
that is totally contrary to
everything that is cool.

Fonzie was a dork.

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