Monday, January 30, 2017

Poetry in Tough Times

Totally terrified of the
tumult taking a toll on
the tolerance and tenacity
of these tethered towns.

They’re making too many tacit attempts
to try and test the temperament
of too many anti-totalitarians and
true testifiers to Liberty.

Tykes with too little intestinal
titanium trying to tumble the towers
of truth down to the troughs of tyranny,
through tepid tonal treasons.

The true test of this togetherness,
through the tidal waves of mis-trust,
takes inalienable truths that all
types are created equal.

Only together, tied in the theory of
this free Nation! Can we defeat the notion that
there are those who don’t fit the type
to make it “Great”.

A total and terrific untruth told by
those that entreat in trysts with
thoughtlessness and take comfort
in veiled trouble-making.

Take to the town squares to tell those
that try to disrupt all our fidelity and liberty
that they have no timber, tell them to
take their distrust and toss it into the sea.

This Nation, tested; testifies to the better
angels of our mercy and takes those that
are tossed out from the torments of their
times, to the potential their tears yearned.

 The tumult that terrifies,
is a tiny tintinnabulation against the
throats of the trustees in Liberty
and tolerance.

Touted by those that tossed tea
 and took taxes to mean the end
of any tyranny for themselves and
their progeny.   

Together, We are tougher than
the temper tantrums of a trumped up
ticking time bomb. Only together are
we all truly free. 

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