Wednesday, January 25, 2017

There's Something On Your Face

There’s something on your face,
right at the corner of your mouth,
no, the other corner, no, on the right,
your right.  It’s a glob of something.

No, you missed it.
It’s still there.
Do you want a napkin or something?
I mean, it’s obviously bothering you.

Are you sure you don’t want to just wipe
it a little?
I mean, it’s gross. Maybe it’s festering.
It might be something terrible.

No? You’re just going to leave it there.
It shows how you just tell it like it is?
It’s part of who you are now?
You’re embracing it?

I mean, I think it’s malignant.
I thought it was just an orange-ish smear
at first, but now I think it’s trying to take
control of your brain.

Yeah, I’m pointing right at it. It’s on the right.
The right side of your face. The side in shadow
and shade.  I think you should really do something
about it. I’m worried it’ll take control, define you.

No? Just leave it. You’re just going to see what
it does? I mean, you don’t even want like, to maybe
wash it a little? Maybe not just have it out there?
You want to put a red hat on it?

That’s just… that’s just weird.
I mean the smart thing to do would examine it
thoroughly and find the best possible solution.
No? Just see what it does?  Ugh. I’m done. 

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