Friday, May 12, 2017

A Minute with Mom

I’m not going to say my mother is perfect.
That would simply be too bold.
And frankly, just an embarrassment because
of her unending and immaculate humility.
So I won’t say she’s perfect.

I won’t say she’s super awesome and
totally boss, because she’s really just
trying to do what she can, but, better
than most.  I mean a lot better. Face it,
she has a poet for a son, so there’s that.

I can’t say that she’s the smartest lady,
because I wouldn’t want to insult her
intelligence. I mean, she clearly knows
more than I do almost all the time,

I’m reluctant to say she’s the most funny
lady that ever graced the rest of us with
her ceaseless wit and comedic charm,
because again, I don’t want her to feel like
this is a joke or not to be taken seriously.

I don’t want to imply that Mom gives
the best hugs since the creation of arms,
but, I mean, c’mon, Mom hugs, right?
There’s nothing like them no matter
what age you are.

I am not sure Mom would want me to
brag so much about her, seeing as how she’s
really so good at it herself. My mom is the
best as self promotion and I wouldn’t deign  
to take that away from her.

So, for Mom’s sake, I’ll resist the temptation
to tell the whole world how wonderful, compassionate,
understanding, generous, wise, funny, loving, and
modest she is. I mean, no one is better at modesty
than she. Thanks Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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