Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Where's Veronica?

This morning I thought
about a girl I once
knew in high school and I wondered
whatever became of her,
where did she go?
why did she randomly pop into my mind?

I remember thinking that she was
a tormented soul, trapped in cursed
adolescence with boundless creativity and
nothing but trouble ahead of her.
Did she wind up knocked up, knocked out, or
knocked around?

We were friends you see. Friends at a time
when friendship was the most precious
commodity.  We traded up or down as we
got older, our investments in people changed
as did our sweat equity with others.
Where did those emotional finances go?

She was dark. She was troubled.
She was evolving at what seemed to be
a faster rate than I was. It was something
absolutely remarkable and interesting.
Yet, in the end, after all these years,
I’ve no idea where she wound up.

A teenage boy and a teenage girl,
suffering the malice of puberty in rapidly
changing times. A time of strange potential
and curious discovery, building an intimacy
through mystery.  But never connecting
beyond the demur friendship etiquette demanded.   

I thought about this vanished girl. This woman,
who traveled with me in early teenage misery,
and I wondered where on this huge blue ball she
might be. Do I ever come up in her mental history
or in the checkbook of her past as that one guy
who was there, for a short time, and made a withdrawal? 

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