Friday, June 7, 2013

Faster and with Alacrity

I don’t have a lot
of time today
to fill the page with
all sorts of
crazy words.

I’m a cubicle guy
with appointments
and meetings and
paper to push.
Coffee to drink and
hands to shake.

I’ve got my tie on,
tie clip too, ready
to make a good
impression on the

The dastardly bit is
that I don’t really
care. The office life
makes the meaning
of my life somewhat
less than meaningful.

And yet I’m compelled
to hurry, to rush, to march
forward against my will
toward the towering cliffs
of mediocrity and graying

I must go. I must get there.

What’s that boss?
I don’t have to go?
But…. the tie? I’m all
ready and dressed.
Won’t take long?
Not worth me going?

Cough… um… okay.
I’ll just sit here, and do
nothing because I
did everything
yesterday in anticipation
of the meeting.

I’ll just stare at these
cubicle walls and
try not to let myself
go crazy.

Hurry up,
to do

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