Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Break in the Clouds

I looked up at the cloudy,
snowy night sky
and in the misty shapes
of what was rolling by
I saw the forms of
my imagination.

A woman giving birth,
an angry smiling face,
a goose on the run,
a rapidly changing
animation of a running

The pause in the deep
clouds, giving way to
the jewelry of night,
only to be clothed in
further cloudy winter

The Aborigines of Australia
didn’t see shapes in the stars,
but in the dark spaces between
them. I thought the same as the
pause in the cloudy sky passed
my way.

A cheerleader,
a doily heart,
a galloping horse,
a crab,
a spider,
an antlered head.

The breaking away for the
moment, of overwhelming
cloudiness giving way to
the throes of possibility.  

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