Monday, August 31, 2015

Please Don't Ask Me

The common insults
of innocuous interrogatories.
Are the burden of the polite
for the sake of politeness.

Truly polite people remember
things about you, your family,
your life and don’t quiz you
absently about the state of
your dead parents, (still dead)
that person you dated 15 years
ago (Moved on), if
you still live in that place
by the thing, (you don’t.)

The faux polite are a bane on
the genuine polite person.
The faux polite ruin small
talk, ruin morning coffee,
a nice Sunday walk, or
even the surprise twist ending
to a popular film.

We’re raised to be polite at the
sake of honesty and earnestness.
We’re told to be polite so we don’t
hurt someone’s feelings.
I understand. It’s one of the complications
of being a human being.

For the sake of St. Pete, let’s
try to remember that an innocuous
question might be a bigger issue
for the person you’re annoying and
it’s best to stick with a head nod, a
hello, or the simple, “How ya doin’?”,
followed by the ultra-casual lie, “Fine.”

And we can all go on our merry way.
And no one is better or worse off than if
you’d never run into each other at all.

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