Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Toe Gazing

Remember your toes,
but don’t get lost in them.
They carry you about
but don’t dwell.

Wiggle your toes when
you can, unless you can’t,
then just wiggle them in
your mind.

But don’t get obsessed
with the wiggling.
It’s only wiggling
after all.

Keep your toes clean,
is important an adage
as keeping your nose
clean, they both smell.

Take care of your toes
so they’ll take care of you
when you need them
to. They’re like teeth that way.

Toe wrestle with your lover,
toe wrestle with your kids,
but don’t take it too
personally if they beat you.

Look at your toes,
but don’t stare, otherwise
you’ll forget the road ahead
while thinking about the road

Dip ‘em in water,
dip ‘em in sand,
dip ‘em in dirt,
dip ‘em in living.

But again, don’t get
toe obsessed.

(Unless that’s your thing.)

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