Friday, February 5, 2016

Pass the Tissues

Every time I blow my nose into
a tissue, I check the tissue for
blood or brains.
I know it sounds gross and
icky, but you do gross stuff too,
so don’t judge.
I check for blood or brains
out of some irrational fear
that blood or brains WILL be there.
I’m not sure what I would do
if there were some brains on
my tissue.
Blood is actually sort of
normal and happens from
time to time, as long as it’s just a bit.
I mean, if massive amounts of
blood just started leaking from my
nostrils, I’m not sure what I would do.
I’d probably stand up and make one of
those, “Ack”, noises and then and
start the bloody nose protocol.
But brains, what if I blew my brains
out through my nose, like some
pre- mummification process?
Would I be lobotomized and start
drooling on myself? What part of
the brain could I blow out?
Would I know if my brains were on
the tissue? Like could I identify a chunk
of my brain?
Would we wave to each other?
“See ya,” said brain chunk.
“Bye brain chunk,” I’ll say.
Sometimes I’m terrified of
blowing my nose.
---- This is the 900th blog posting on A Minute with Michael by the way. Cheers.  ----

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