Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Fate Machine

Put in a quarter,
(it used to be a dime)
and test your skill
at the Fate Machine.
It doesn’t take much
talent, just a small fee,
to see which direction
your destiny is headed.
Put your feet on the pedals,
grasp the handrails,
put on your goggles and
the tinfoil helmet.
The electrodes go in your,
nose, mouth, anus and
urethra (please use the wipes
Just a few volts,
a jolt or two,
that’s only a little blood,
yes, that’s stool.
Now hold still,
just wait,
any second now,
your fate is revealed.
And here it comes,
your results are printing now,
boy this is exciting,
are you using the wipes?
Here it is!
You’re results!
Oh, that’s… that seems mean…
Well, I mean, who would
really believe in a Fate Machine
that only cost
a quarter?
(It used to be a Dime)

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