Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Politics of Summer

For me, the politics of summer
are quite easy.
There’s not much to it.
It’s an electoral collage of one
and I’m the only voter.

I’m voting for the Libation Party,
the one that serves cool summer
cocktails and cold beers.  They get
my vote. I’m also pleased with their
running mate, Air Conditioning.

The swaying summer Hammock Party,
is a close third but I haven’t really seen
a great candidate yet so I’m hedging my
bets. You never know when they’ll
get together with the Libation Party though.

The Shade Tree party is always a
contender, but they can be lacking when
it comes to dealing with the heat.
Sometimes there just isn’t enough Shade
to keep one’s cool.

I like to think that most of the candidates
have my best interests at heart. They all
support fun, laughter, joviality, and rather
skimpy outfits.  So the choices are easy.
All the choices only want the best for me.

So as I enter the polling place, cold beer in hand,
and enter the booth, without spilling a drop,
I’ll wipe my brow and vote without remorse
for the candidate I know will only hurt me a
little bit tomorrow, but love me for the day.

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