Thursday, July 28, 2016

Here's the Theme

Love, sex and politics,
have been the dominating
themes of the last few

Love in the form of
the great many number
of weddings going on this
month.  (For which I do not have a date. Again)

Two people that found each
other in this crazy mixed up world
deciding to dedicate themselves to
each other in the bonds of love. So Sweet.

A theme that I’ve been missing in
my life for a long time and every
so often I feel the pangs of loves loss
tug at me like a kid begging mom for candy.

Sex in the form of…
what’s sex? I’m not sure I
remember that particular form
of physical expression.

I’m so disconnected from it,
(See the love theme) that I’m
sure my “passionate lover” card
has expired.

Let me check my wallet…
Yup, it has.

Politics in the form of hate and/or
peace mongering from the
pedestals of power, poured in the
eager ears of the masses.
And all three ideas seem oddly the same
to me. Love, sex, politics, all require some
negotiation, some compromise, some letting
go of preconceived notions.

Yet, the one of the three I’ve had
the most of has been politics.
I can’t get away from it or
enough of it.

Which would be great for sex,
but even better for love.

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