Thursday, July 7, 2016

What Can Poetry Do?

What can poetry do?
What can these words
possibly do?
What can a rhyme, a phrase,
an alliterative association accomplish?

What can poetry do?
It can’t do anything on it’s
It’s just words,
just words.

Maybe the lovely thing about
words is they can inspire action,
inspire the soul to move,
engage the mind to think
differently, to see the world
with new eyes.

The right string of words can
enlighten, they can remind
people to be empathetic, to
try out someone else’s shoes
as they walk a different path.

The right words remind us of
the gray between black and white,
the spectrum of light between right
and wrong, and the courage to
accept the differences.

There’s no limit to our understanding.
There’s no boundary on imagination.
There's no limit on love.
There’s no reason to fear.
There’s no time like now.

What can poetry do?
What can’t it do.  

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