Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It always gets me

I love the State of the Union Address. It always gets my patriotism going and my desires to see America rise to the challenges before us. I thought President Obama presented an honest and pragmatic view of The U.S. and it was refreshing. It gets me excited to hear a President discuss the roll of common sense in government.

Common sense is something I’ve noted before as being quite lacking in American politics. That and the whole rebuilding our infrastructure thing I’ve been talking about for three years. But common sense, which seems so uncommon now, is as the President noted our best path for mutual success. (Mutual meaning between the parties and the wealthy and the poor)

I have to say I didn’t quite appreciate the Republican response, Gov. Daniels asserted the President was being divisive and encouraging a “class war”. I was displeased with that statement, if anything the State of the Union was the President’s plea for Congress to work together to create opportunities for Americans that want to work hard and achieve. He didn’t ask for hand outs for the poor, but the tools to help the poor and the middle class reach the heights and opportunities their grandparents had.  Gov. Daniels said that it was not about have-nots and the haves, but the haves and the don’t-have-yets. That was possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are have-nots in this country without the means to achieve and are being left behind.

I think the American people need to put the games of politics aside and stop talking about birth certificates and who is trying to take their guns, and focus on housing and the welfare of us all. If the poor are healthy and safe, imagine how better the middle class is, then imagine how much better the successful are. The tree of liberty needs strong roots and not a heavy top. It’ll topple if there are only liberties for the upper branches and none for those supporting it. A powerful trunk and root system will keep liberty’s tree soaring skyward for as long as history will allow.

The State of the Union almost always makes me wish I could do more, like I should jump out of this insurance gig and start working for some energy company actively trying to make the world and America a better place. I often don’t feel like I do my part to help. I vote and spout off on a soap box every so often, but that’s the extent of my actual activism. Usually after the State of the Union I start looking at Green Jobs and positions within government service. I’d like to do more, but being middle class does have its limitations. I’ve got bills and rent and groceries to buy. I’ve got insurance and car payments and birthdays to plan for. My budget is stretched pretty thin as it is and I couldn’t chuck it all and start working for the Forestry service. I’m too old to start again.

I guess I’ll just have to run for President. I’m of legal age so, yeah, I guess it’s time. Need to find me that First Lady too. 

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