Friday, January 6, 2012

You have the power, I have the light

Listen, quickly, I haven’t much time. The reason we ask you women to wear something sexy is because it shows you care about us. Serious, if you just toss on the least wrinkled article of clothing off the floor and expect us to buy dinner or open doors just because,… well, you’re right, we will, but that’s what we’re supposed to do. But we do like it when you show us the time and consideration to try and make our silly boyhood fantasies come true. So we like the garter belts and the lingerie.  The make-up and the affectations of sexual interest; even if you’re not all that interested. We still like it.

This is probably one of the most male things I’ve written but I just want to remind women that they usually have most of the power in any relationship. If you throw on a skimpy little top that we can practically see through, then yeah, we’ll probably take the garbage out when you ask us. A little skirt and heels to ask us to take the car to the garage for an oil-change; that job is done.  I used to do extra credit work for a pretty teacher just because every so often I caught a glimpse of the camisole she was wearing when she bent down to talk to me.

“It’s a hassle”, as a dear female friend of mine noted and I agree. It is annoying to try and put all that nonsense on, only to have a man act like the wolf in the Tex Avery cartoons and tear it all off. But it shows you care a little bit about how you want us to perceive you. And that we’ll do anything you say for a nice pair of legs and heels. That's power.

I have to keep this short since I’ve already been thrown under the bus once today at work. If it was a bus wearing high heels and thigh highs like a 1940’s pin-up girl, I wouldn’t have mind so much, honestly.


  1. Very well put! Bravo to you.

  2. And what do you mean do for us to keep it interesting? Just a thought............