Thursday, July 12, 2012

You must be joking

You’re a real kidder aren’t you? You’re a real joker; a hilarious anecdote teller. You must make all the girls swoon with your impressive ability to weave a comedic tale. It’s amazing how incredibly, amazingly funny you are.


You’re not joking? You’re not just telling a funny story to amuse us all? You really believe that? I mean, that’s sort of shocking.

No, I mean, we thought you were kidding around. I mean, you’re never serious about stuff like that.

Oh, you were always serious about it. About everything.

Well, maybe it’s me and my totally warped sense of humor. I just thought we had, you know, similar interests in what was funny.

I’m sorry, what? You’re saying you don’t have a sense of humor?

Well, again, I’m really surprised. I mean with the way you belittle everybody and make fun of just about everything we all do or say I merely thought you were being, you know, like a Dennis Leary funny guy shtick, thing.

No. Not at all. You actually hate everyone and everything.

Wow. I mean, …wow. I am just… I mean, we shared a toothbrush. Ugh, that’s just… I think I’m going to be sick.

So you’re going to go then? I think that’s probably best. I mean, I can’t believe how much I believed in you.    

And you never believed in anything. Great, that’s just swell. Well, don’t bother to write. Just go. Just go and… What’s that? Even when you go you’ll still be there. You’re just sort of always there? Awesome. Awesome.

Well, Life, I guess we’ll just have to learn to get along. While we’re here you might as well tell me that story about me again. There’s some laughs in there I guess.

Oh, ha-ha Mr. Funny Life. I hope you’re proud. 

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