Wednesday, March 6, 2013


You don’t say.
That’s so impressive.
Wow. I am just so
impressed with your
fascinating knowledge
regarding things no
real, feeling person,
gives a high, holy, crap

Oh, and you repeat yourself.
Of course you do.
Why wouldn’t you?
I got all the facts the
first time you told me.
I was not looking for a
full recap of what you
just said. But please, go on.

You’re also very
inappropriate and say
sexually awkward things
because you think it’ll
get a laugh or shock
people. Well, it is shocking
how poor your taste is.
I just have to nod though,
out of fear you’ll repeat
yourself if I say anything
in objection.

So you also twist and
manipulate people just so
you get what you want but
don’t care what bridges you
burn or destruction you leave
in your wake. That’s swell.
You’re an amazing person
and I’m sure everyone loves you
for you.


Still more? Oh, well, I guess
I can hear one more story
about something completely
terrible and boring that happened
to a friend of a friend of an
acquaintance of a cousin involving
something sexually inappropriate.

Riveting I’m sure.

Me? No, I died about forty
minutes ago when you first
started rambling in my
ear about your awfulness.
Or at least I wish I had.

No, I don’t have anything
better to do, so I’m just as
bad as you. I’m just as boring
and annoying as you are.
But I try to keep it to

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