Thursday, March 31, 2016

Made You Look

Kittens and puppies,
babies and butterflies,
and all the precious

Are designed by
biology to make you
want to protect them
from harm.

It’s why cute kitten
videos, and laughing babies,
do so well on the internet.
We’re biologically drawn to it.

You probably thought this
would be a flowery poem,
about all the cute things we

It’s not.
It’s about you and your
selective love.
It’s about me and mine.

There’s no shame in looking,
or wanting, or even protecting
the lovely things in our lives,
we’re biologically designed to do it.

So I can’t hold it against you too
much when you prefer a picture of
a baby holding a kitten, getting licked
by a puppy over a story about politics.

Or a poem about things we feel from
day to day, or an essay about the
importance of tolerance in the face of

But I want to hold it against you,
I really do. 

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