Friday, March 18, 2016


The hum-drum blahs
and the so-so mehs
with the sighing,
shrugging, “ehs”.

The razzberry exhales,
mixed with the open
mouthed Y-A-A-W-N-S.

A throat gurgler followed
with a scratchy clearing
“Ahem, Ah-Hem!”
A sniffle.

“Snap, ker-snap”, of the
The muted, “ker-pop”, of
a shoulder or back.

A hacking cough,
a rattled nose breath,
a smacking of lips,
another cough.

The “ishy, ishy” sound
of someone scratching an
itch on their arm
through their sleeve.

A bouncing knee,
a tapping toe,
a clicking pen,
a rapping of fingers.

“Okay, let’s start this
meeting. Oh, we’re still
waiting on a few more?
Okay, we’ll wait…”

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