Friday, June 10, 2016

Cut Loose

Steamed in the soup
of humid afternoons,
we crawl from the muck
to the early evening
adventures that call us
like sailors to sirens on
the shores.

Spitting at sunlight,
gawking at the heat,
a drink, A DRINK!
My hearty heated
friends. We’ll toast
the toasted and cheer
the roasted.

A klaxon to the gala,
the fiesta, the party,
we hear over the roar of
the weary weekday world.
Another Drink my comrades!
Another toast my companions!

We’ve made it again.
We defeated the mighty by being
mightier. We silenced the braggarts,
the blow-hards and the mice that
roared. We’ve toppled the ogres
of time and embrace what is
ours to squander.

A toast! A Drink!
A weekend to revel!
Time to waste instead
of time wasting us!
We’re lions on the prowl,
in the pleasures of laughter
and smiles with friends.

No heated temperatures will
belay our good time. This hour is
ours to relish, to enjoy.
A Toast!
A Drink!
To the long nights!
To the long day!

Winter is dead!

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