Thursday, June 16, 2016

Romance Poetry

The music played delicately
in the background as the two
lovers stared into each other’s
eyes. The white tablecloth shimmered
in the candle light under the
lovers hand holding across the

The meal was finished and
the wait staff had cleared the
plates and silverware. A bottle
of red wine remained with two
mostly empty glasses. The lovers
had declined any dessert and never
stopped looking at each other.

The time seemed to slow as
the lovers connected, yet it
was going too fast and neither
wanted it to end as quickly as it
had started. They wanted to linger
in the embrace of their eyes, waiting
for that kiss.

The ambiance lent itself to mystery,
intrigue and desire. It was moody and
dark, bathed in 1940’s noir and neon.
The lover’s eyes twinkled in the dim
flickers of candle flames and electric

“Should we go,” asked Brian.
“I think we should,” smiled Allen.
“Happy 20th Anniversary,” said Brian.
“Happy 20th,” said Allen.
They stood, they kissed, like the first
time. The room applauded.

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